Panyu stadiums: light make thick Marco Polo

Asian Games Velodrome has been basically the main cap, interior decoration is in full swing. Wang Liang Photo

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Yao Yi Qu intern / Xu Sui correspondent / Chen Kun), including the core, including the Asian Games Village, Panyu District, under jurisdiction of the 40 stadiums in 18 projects will bear the Asian Games competition and training tasks, Well away from the Guangzhou Asian Games in less than 6 months now, the Asian Games, “the main battlefield,” now its appearance has changed? yesterday morning, reporters visited the Village Middle School, Panyu Sports School and other Asian Games training venues, early experience the changes brought about by the Asian Games. It is reported that in addition to University City bike course and marathon circuit, the Ying Tung sports venues, including 10 school facility, doctor, etc., most of the mountain venues stadiums have been basically completed, “gorgeous turn,” will be dressed to meet concern since the Asian Games, the world’s attention.

Remodeling the existing facility renovation Department

“Face project”? “And money consuming”? Guangzhou Asian Games to these questions, said “No”. Shen Guan Panyu sports school, the reporter found that the school’s Yun Dongyuan body function room facilities and decoration though and in Village Middle School is the same, but the layout and size, but great difference from the side of the stadium renovation work to participate in school staff explained: “stadium renovation is Zai based on the original venue of most of all on to avoid redundant construction projects.” It is understood, Panyu Quanbu 4 Class 15 conversion projects Ji Benshang are based on the original stadium renovation and finishing , unless expert investigations and studies to be generally not for new construction. According to the specific circumstances of each facility or “makeup” or “thick wipe”, truly a “green Games”, “low-carbon Games.”

Such as the volleyball and handball for the Asian Games football training facility in Panyu District 10 schools reconstruction project training ground for the race, in the Panyu district towns, 10 High Street, although the 10 schools will have to bear the Asian Games venues Football training mission, in October last year, the plant will replace the soil, the introduction of “blue lead on the 3rd,” grass, but considering where secondary and Panyu Panyu Tung Chung Sports School has planted a “blue lead on the 3rd,” grass, then this two schools of football turf to conservation first, not the same as the other 8 to replace the renovation, saving the investment has reduced the workload.

Detailed standards for strict implementation of the Asian Games

Filed Asian standards, people always think it is high-mass, but the stadiums with the facts tell us that the conversion, the Asian Games standards not only in its “tall”, but also in their spare any small office, “meticulous.” Panyu District, Rhu mountain stadium renovation, repair a toilet, shower, changing rooms, tents, temporary office, the temporary press area athletes a total of 20 square meters, but this seems minor is 20 square meters, reflects the transformation of the Asian Games venues The attention to detail. 70 square meters, 90 square meters, 56 square meters … … many complex alterations in the figures behind this all is not good Asian Games in Guangzhou determination: Strict implementation of the Asian standard, even one square meter can not let go .

Small office like this rigorous, large office is fearsomely. According to reports, the Asian Games basketball competition will be held for the British East Sports Centre, laying wood floors 2112 square meters facility, replacement of 2,200 seats, 6,300 square meters ceiling replacement stadium, stadium and training center facade renovation of 8,000 square meters, repair Stadium grandstand seats, shower and toilet facilities, game equipment and the transformation of sound, lighting and other related public works projects have been completed the total amount of 90%, basically a “magnificent turn,” preparing the most perfect posture to meet the Asian Games come. Staff told reporters that only the investment of the project will be estimated as 20.66 million yuan, which took place not mean the province’s territory must be provincial. Strive for perfection, this is the essence of Asian standards.

All the people wholeheartedly welcome the Asian Games

Asian Games, the conversion is only the government, builders, Asian Games Organizing Committee to do? Of course not, all the support and understanding is to promote the Asian Games, the largest power conversion. Secondary school in the Village’s see, in order to complete the task of football turf replacement, Village Middle School students for the time being can not use the football field, are having a group of students in gym class, one teacher told us: “Although the activities of the children now Fan Wei some less, but they all know it is to meet the Asian Games, so no complaining, but will tie in with other parts of Huo Dong. “Ye the school for the Xueshengkaolv corresponding Di, Xiang way to develop other Changsuo students to use.

Also fenced up in the football field edge, through the gap, the reporter can see a fresh green grass, hot sun, 56 staff are working with professional equipment in the venue mowing, watering. It is understood that the use of the football turf grass quality dedicated grass football field, “Lan Citation III”, professional staff will carry out daily maintenance of the grass, even grass height and moisture are completely in accordance with professional standards. In order to prevent the loss of turf, in Zhongshan, Xinhui, Nansha and other conservation specialists are prepared to rough, really foolproof. In the stadiums, the reporter also saw the work is being dragged around the house, who told reporters that a daily cleaning routine to ensure the venues clean and dry. It is this situation all the people wholeheartedly welcome the Games, so we have reason to 6 months after the events of this house more ardent hope and pride involved.

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